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The course of the Golf Club Wasserburg Anholt – located in the border area of Westphalia, the Lower Rhine and the Netherlands – offers both the sporty ambitious player and the relaxation seeking golfer everything he can expect from a first-class golf course.

Characteristic is the varied course architecture.
Due to numerous challenging obstacles, which are formed by the rivers, ponds, trees and bunkers, long and particularly precise play is required.
The 18 holes have a length of 5314 m for the ladies and 6041 m for the men.

18-Loch Bahn

Die 18 Spielbahnen ergeben für Damen eine Platzlänge von 5314m und für Herren 6041m. Der Par 72-Platz weist für Damen einen Course-Rating-Wert von 73,9 und einen Slope von 129 aus. Für Herren ergibt sind ein CR von 72,3 und einen Slope von 133.

6-Loch Kurzplatz

Unser Kurzplatz (sechs Bahnen) entlang der Issel und mit Blick auf das Schloss ist die ideale Übungsanlage - für Anfänger, ebenso wie für erfahrene Golferinnen und Golfer.​


Unsere Übungsanlagen bieten verschiedene Traingsmöglichkeiten oder das Aufwärmen vor der Runde. Unsere Driving Range kann auch an kurzen Tagen mit der Flutlichtanlage genutzt werden.​

Photovoltaik Anlage​

GCWA goes nachhaltiger! Unsere Photovoltaik Anlage produziert jährlich ca. 17.000 kWh. Das entspricht eine CO² Ersparnis von ca. 10 tonnen pro Jahr.


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Golf mal anders erleben? Dann sind Sie hier genau richtig! Wir haben unsere Golf Indoor Lounge eröffnet und damit ein ziemliches Highlight!

Hole 1

Men: 351m | Women: 310m

A very interesting frist hole with elongated outbound boundary on the right side. It is recommended to tee up on the right to place the ball on the left side of the fairway to allow a second shot into the green according to the dogleg.

Hole 2

Men: 533m | Women: 476m

A very long par 5 with a narrow drive zone. It is therefore advisable to play the drive defensively and to place the second shot on the left side of the fairway if possible, in order to avoid the wide overhanging group of trees on the right side.

Hole 3

Men: 388m | Women: 338m

A par 4 with a slight dogleg to the left. The drive shall be placed on the left side of the fairway to shorten the fairway slightly, if necessary, and to avoid the ball bouncing to the out-of-bounds on the right side.

Hole 4

Men: 403m | Women: 327m

One of the most challenging holes on our course. A long par 4 with a water hazard in the middle of the fairway. Once again, defensive tactics are called for here, trying to play around the water in a wide area.

Hole 5

Men: 480m | Women: 429m

A par 5 with a dangerous out of bounds. This extends the entire length of the lane on the left side. The goal is to place the drive as far to the right of the fairway as possible to put yourself in a good position for the following shots.

Hole 6

Men: 318m | Women: 281m

A dogleg with an almost right-angled bend to the left. Here the draw is required; but not too strong, otherwise you will find yourself in the extremely dense group of trees on the left. If the drive is successful, a medium to short iron into the green remains, which, however, needs to be well dosed, since a water hazard lurks directly behind the green.

Hole 7

Men: 114m | Women: 94m

A wonderful hole! Take a sufficient iron to cross the water. But be careful - shots that are too long often land unplayably in the dense woodland.

Hole 8

Men: 363m | Women: 334m

The drive should be held on the left side, giving yourself a slightly easier shot into the green and avoiding both the water and the bunker on the right.

Hole 9

Men: 150m | Women: 128m

A tough decision: either put it down or grab a longer bat and attack. Special care is also required due to the frequently changing winds at this hole.

Hole 10

Men: 353m | Women: 316m

Place your drive on the right side of the fairway so the thatched hut doesn't threaten your second shot. The green is small and defended by two bunkers.

Hole 11

Men: 145m | Women: 125m

A short but still difficult par 3, protected by two ponds on the left and a bunker on the right. Here, the defensive variant can certainly be chosen: lay down in front of the obstacles, then a safe pitch to the flag.

Hole 12

Men: 461m | Women: 410m

A par 5 with dogleg to the left. The biggest danger lies in the out boundary, which is very dense along the entire left edge of the fairway. Therefore, it is necessary to place the ball in the alley with the tee shot. The second shot can then be placed well-dosed in front of the fairway bunkers to finally reach the green with a short iron.

Hole 13

Men: 325m | Women: 287m

The difficulty on this par 4 is to pass the pond on the right side and avoid the out on the left. Once these hurdles are cleared, you still have a mid to short iron into the green well protected by two bunkers.

Hole 14

Men: 164m | Women: 152m

The longest par 3 on the course. Here it is important to take a longer iron to avoid the frontal water. In addition, a green bunker lurks on the right side.

Hole 15

Men: 334m | Women: 298m

The drive should be placed on the left half of the fairway at this slightly shorter, but still dangerous par 4 to avoid the bunker on the right of the fairway. The second shot requires great accuracy and sensitivity in club selection, as the green is strictly guarded by two large bunkers.

Hole 16

Men: 393m | Women: 320m

Here the player is demanded a maximum of length and precision. To the right and left of the fairway, old trees immediately punish any inaccuracy. The second, usually still long, shot into the green is no less challenging, as the out-of-bounds lurk to the left and right of the fairway and around the green, and large fairway bunkers defend the green on the left and right.

Hole 17

Men: 436m | Women: 399m

A slightly shorter par 5, which features a fairway bunker and a group of trees to the left of the drive zone and a fringe cutting into the fairway to the right. As the fairway continues, bunkers lurk to the right and left. For this purpose, the green is defended by two more bunkers.

Hole 18

Men: 330m | Women: 290m

If you have great confidence in your game, play the drive over the group of trees on the left to shorten the dogleg. The second shot requires a sure hand and the choice of the right club, as there is a bunker to the left of the green, two bunkers lurk behind the green and the out-of-bounds line also waits there one last time.

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Etiquette, rules & order

To ensure a harmonious club life, we would like to point out some rules and our etiquette.
We would ask you, members and guests, to comply with them when visiting our golf club.

Handicap table

In golf, players with very different skill levels can play “against each other,” where the player with a high handicap still has a fair chance to win. This is made possible by the Handicap (HCP) Index, which is individually maintained for each player.

The handicap system defines how handicaps are to be calculated and under what conditions the handicap changes.