To offer a golf course close to nature, interesting for all age groups and to improve it constantly is a part of the concept of the GCWA.

Each club member determines his or her sporting and social involvement, according to his or her personal preferences and individual situation.

years GCWA


In addition to passionate hobby golfers, we also offer real team players the opportunity to actively participate in our club.

Every year we again field a few teams in different age groups and skill levels.

Discover here our teams of this year.


Golf is for everyone! That is why we would like to give everyone the opportunity to try out golf without any obligation.

If you want to make your first attempts in the guidance of a golf pro, we offer a 4-week trial course in which we will teach you the basics of golf.

However, you are also welcome to borrow clubs and balls from us and find out on your own whether golf is something for you on our practice facilities or our pitch & putt course.

You have questions or want to know when the next courses start? Please feel free to contact our office by phone or e-mail.

You want to delve deeper into the world of golf and educate yourself? Attached, you will find some reports by our Head-Pro George Mayhew – interesting for both beginners and experienced golfers.


MitgliedschaftsformJahresbeitrag in € je Mitglied
EinzelpersonEhepaareBis 18 Jahre18 – 27 Jahre28 – 35 Jahre
Ordentliche Mitgliedschaft1450137050250500
Passive Mitgliedschaft350
Passive Mitgliedschaft plus600
ClubmannschaftBeitragsrabatt nach jährlichem Vorstandsbeschluss

General fees

9 Loch18 Loch
E-Cart für Mitglieder20 Euro30 Euro
E-Cart für Gäste25 Euro40 Euro
E-Cart Mitglieder 10-er Karte (gültig bis 31.12.24)250 Euro
E-Cart Mitglieder 20-er Karte (gültig bis 31.12.24)300 Euro
E-Cart für Mitglieder “Flatrate”(gültig bis 31.12.24)500 Euro
Leihtrolley10 Euro

RPR-Runde5 Euro

Indoor hall & fitting

Pro Stundeeinmalige Einweisung – George
Max. 6 Pers. – Mitglieder30 Euro 50 Euro (1. Stunde)
Max. 6 Pers. – Gäste40 Euro60 Euro (1. Stunde)

1 Stunde Fitting mit Head Pro George Mayhew oder Patrick Zelechowsky (Foregolfers)folgt
Bei Kauf wird die Gebühr bis zu 60€ ersetzt.

Green fee contributions

Golf- und Landclub Ahaus50%0 25 67 / 405www.glc-ahaus.de
GC Aldruper Heide50%0 25 71 / 97 095www.golfclub-aldruper-heide.de
GC Brückhausen50%0 25 82 / 56 45www.gc-brueckhausen.de
Golf- & Landclub Coesfeld50%0 25 41 / 59 57www.golfclub-coesfeld.de
GC Emstal50%0 591 / 96 62 616www.gc-emstal.de
GC Euregio Bad Bentheim50%0 59 22 / 77 760www.golfclub-euregio.de
GC Habichtswald50%0 54 56 / 96 013www.golfclub-habichtswald.de
GC Hamm – Gut Drechen50%0 28 35 / 91 35 00www.gc-hamm.de
GC Münsterland Bagno50%0 25 51 / 83 35 50www.gc-muensterland.de
GC Münster-Tinnen50%0 25 36 / 33 01 011www.gc-tinnen.de
GC Münster-Wilkinghege50%0 251 / 21 40 90www.golfclub-wilkinghege.de
GC Nordkirchen50%0 25 96 / 91 91www.golfclub-nordkirchen.de
GC Osnabrück-Dütetal50%0 54 04 / 99 86 10www.golf-duetetal.de
GC Rheine Mesum50%0 59 75 / 94 90www.gc-rheine.de
GC Schloss Vornholz50%0 25 24 57 99www.golfclub-schloss-vornholz.de
GC Schultenhof Peckeloh50%0 54 23 / 42 872www.golfclub-peckeloh.de
GC Stahlberg im Lippetal50%0 25 27 / 81 91www.golfclub-stahlberg.de
GC Tecklenburger Land50%0 54 55 / 10 35www.golfclub-tecklenburg.de
GC Telgte – Gut Hahues50%0 25 04 / 72 326www.golfclub-telgte.de
GC Warendorf an der Ems50%0 25 86 / 17 92www.warendorfer-golfclub.de
GC Wasserschloss Westerwinkel50%0 25 99 / 75 92 32www.gc-westerwinkel.de
GC Widukindland50%0 52 28 / 70 50www.widukindland.de

GC Bergisch Landmontags bis freitags50 Euro0 20 53 / 70 77
GC Höselmontags bis freitags50 Euro0 20 56 / 93 370
Golf International Moylandmontags bis freitags50 Euro0 28 24 / 97 66 80
samstags und sonntags
70 Euro
GC Mülheim an der Ruhrmontags bis donnerstags50 Euro0 28 24 / 97 66 80
GC Schloß Haagmontags bis freitags50 Euro0 28 31 / 94 777
GC St. Pauli “Sexy 50:50”montags bis freitags40 Euro040 / 27 87 28 47
samstags und sonntags50 Euro
GC Schwarze Heidedienstags bis freitags45 Euro0 20 45 / 82 48 8

GC Bleijenbeekmontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 48 55 30 084
samstags und sonntags70 Euro
GC de Batouwemontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 34 46 24 370
samstags und sonntags70 Euro
Edese Golf Club Papendalmontags bis donnerstags50 Euro0031 / 26 48 21 985
freitags bis sonntags70 Euro
Keppelse Golfclubmontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 31 43 81 416
samstags und sonntags70 Euro
GC `t Zellemontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 57 54 67 533
samstags und sonntags70 Euro
GC Winterswijkmontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 54 35 62 525
samstags bis sonntags70 Euro
GC Welderenmontags bis freitags50 Euro0031 / 48 13 76 591
samstags und sonntags70 Euro
‘t Lohr Recreatiemontags bis freitags50 Euro
samstags und sonntags70 Euro


We are pleased to welcome you to our golf facility and wish you a pleasant round with sporting success. To ensure that your visit does not become a handicap, we kindly ask you to observe the following rules.

Allow faster groups to play through – regardless of whether it’s a tournament or a private round. In case of high demand, we kindly ask you to form flights whenever possible. This especially applies to individual players who do not have the right of way to play through.

Playing without your own bag is not allowed to avoid unnecessary delays in the game.

Please remove not only your own pitch marks on the greens, but any that you see.

Please make sure to immediately replace any divots that have been knocked out and firmly step them back in. This is the only way for the grass to grow back.

Rake the bunkers carefully! Footprints, club marks, and ball marks should be smoothed out. Make sure that you do not create new grooves or marks while raking. Place the rake in a way that it interferes with the game as little as possible.

Greeting has always been a part of the politeness and friendliness among people. For this reason, exchanging greetings in our club is a matter of course.

Our guests must wear the valid green fee tag and our members must wear the issued bag tag clearly visible on the bag.

Cigar and cigarette butts do not belong on the golf course. Please dispose of them in a container you brought with you or extinguish them in the designated trash bins.

Tennis shorts, short shorts, bike shorts, jogging suits or blue jeans are not golf appropriate attire.

Headgear provides protection against rain, wind, cold, and even heat. Therefore, headgear is only worn outdoors. Headgear is not permitted in the clubhouse.

Do not pull trolleys through the areas between the greens and the green-side bunkers. Always place your trolley at the green in a way that allows you to have the shortest path to the next tee and does not obstruct the following flight.

Playing groups may consist of a maximum of four players (exceptions may be approved by the board). Starting on hole 10 is only allowed if hole 9 and the green of hole 8 are clear.

Dogs are not allowed on our campsite.