Dear golfers,

Last Wednesday, a Mens and Ladies Charity Tournament was held on our golf course for the DKMS Stiftung Leben with 60 participants. An enormously good number of participants for a tournament in the middle of the week.

The game was run by Elke Sommers-Holzach, Martin Belting and Margret John Kraemer. There was homemade cake and coffee at hole 10.

In 1991, Peter Harf founded the DKMS and thus fulfilled the promise of his wife Mechthild, who died of leukaemia. Already in the first year, the number of available stem cell donors rose from 3,000 to 68,000. To date, 11 million life donors have been registered, 100,000 people have received a match and thus a 2nd chance at life.

After the award ceremony, a donation box was passed around. With the proceeds of the entry fees, a sum of € 1,751.50 was transferred to the DKMS Leben Foundation. A proud sum.

A special thanks goes to Margret John Kraemer who brought the tournament to life, always believed in it and accompanied it with her commitment.

1st brutto ladies: Helga Schmidt
1st brutto men: Markus Schulze zu Verth
1st netto ladies: Marie Luis Pilates-Schnittkamp
1st netto men: Dirk Stratmann
Nearest to the line: Christa Reygers

Thanks to all participants