Save the Date - Matches in 2023

On 05.03.2023 the final tournament of the winter league took place.

30 golfers participated. 2 hours after the tournament started, everyone was back in the clubhouse. There the meal was taken together. Our caterer Didi had once again prepared something excellent.

The award ceremony, for which everyone had been eagerly waiting, began afterwards. Gross winner was our lovely Boudewijn van Bergen. But also our winners in the individual net classes A-B-C (1.ter-2.ter-3.ter) received their well-deserved prizes.

Afterwards there was a raffle for all participants. No one should go home empty-handed. The joy was enormous for all participants.

All in all, a successful event. We, Karla and Norbert, thank you for your active participation on the individual match days. Until the start of the new winter league season 2023/24 for you all the best.

We look forward to seeing you again. We know you do too!

Many greetings

Karla & Norbert